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Montana Excavation - Cutting-Roads-Pads

Excavation Services

Whether you need a building pad or a road cut in on the new property, we can help!
Get access to your property!
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Road & Driveway Services

If you need a new driveway, or just need to blade out the pot holes and spread new gravel, give us a call.
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Montana Excavation - Land Clearing and Thinning

Land Clearing & Thinning Services

There are many reasons to do clearing and thinning on your property, from wildfire fuel reduction to forest health and aesthetics.
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Tree & Brush Clearing 

Tree Thinning & Brush Clearing not only helps defend your property against Wildfire, but improves health of the Forest, ground cover grows in bringing in Wildlife to forage, and enhances the view & astheltics of the land.

Over 400 Amazing Blocks

We specialize in Parking-Out Forested areas, limbing branches to open up the view and let sunlight to the ground, opening up space between trees or groups of trees. Our goal is to enhance a "natural" look to the property that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Easy and Simple to Use

With thoughtful clearing your property becomes more usable for both you and the wildlife living in the forest. It can be a much more pleasent place to live life...

Intelliflex Corporation

Imagine the Possibilities 

With the perfect building spot on your property, a bit of thinning, well... kind of looks like home...

Over 400 Amazing Blocks

We specialize in putting all the pieces together to help make those dreams of a Montana mountain home reality.

Easy and Simple to Use

We love to "create" a vision, and we want to do it with "respect" for the land. We all live here because of the awesome place Montana is, and we want to do our part to keep it that way!


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